Only 17, Joana Wu in for Chinese Taipei First Squad

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  Top147 Taipei – The Women’s World 10-Ball Championship 2013is to be held again in the Philippines next month.  The Chinese Taipei Team is up for the challenge with their First Squad ready, including two former world champions Penny Tsai and Lin Yuan-Chun, 2013 Indoor Games Silver Medalist Tan Ho-Yun, as well as a bright young girl, aged only 17, who earned her place through selection – Joana Wu.
  Joana, born in Taipei City, is still currently a high school student, shuttling between school and pool, while taking care of her mother and two little sisters every day.  Not too long ago, her father passed away but Joana still insisted to keep fighting for her dreams in pool, with the hope of achieving good results for her family one day.

  Losing her beloved made Joana even stronger and was able to turn all sorrow into positive motives.  She transformed from no-name to become 5th in the 2013 Amway Cup and then 3rd in the JPBA Open, and finally winner of the Chinese Taipei First Squad Selection.
  The Selection was by no means a joy-ride for Joana, with seasoned international players such as Lin Hsiao-Chi, Lai Hui-Shan, as well as 2013 World Games gold medalist Rita Chou all stood in her way.  Little Joana expressed her thanks to coach Thomas Lee who had helped much through such a tough draw and finally her dream come true.


  Only just last year in the Women’s World 10-Ball Championship, Joana lost to her teammate Wei Zih-Chian, and was the only one that could not enter the main stage amongst the 7 Taiwanese girls who went for the qualifiers.  “Home” was the only word that flashed in her mind, but still had to stay behind to support her other teammates.  This was never a pleasant feeling for a teenage girl... Joana still had a touch of sorrow when she mentioned the experience again to TOP147.
  Fortunately, Joana lives a positive personality, and it was exactly this that attracted a few sponsors in the field to support her career.  Joana loves shopping, sports, and hanging out with friend for food and drinks.

  Joana wishes to achieve even better results in the upcoming tournaments in Japan, Beijing, the Philippines, as well as the Youth Championship in South Africa.  Any and all honour will go to her father that stays forever in her heart.

(Samuel Lai -TOP147HK 香港)

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