Cheung Ka Wai claims Hong Kong Title

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     Organised by the HKBSCC and subvented by LCSD, the Hong Kong Snoooker Open 2017 concluded its last matched on 4 November.
     The tournament began on 3 Sept and the final match started at 2:00pm (Saturday), featuring the IBSF U18 World Champion 2015 Cheung Ka Wai and Steven Chau in the final.  Cheung was the winner with a score of 5-2 in the end.  Andy Lee, IBSF World Double Champion beat Frankie Chui in the playoffs.

  Champion : Cheung Ka Wai
  Runner-up : Steven Chau
  3rd Place : Andy Lee
  4th Place : Frank Chui
  Highest Break : Cheung Ka Wai (114)
 Universe Snooker Club
 17th Floor, 10 Shing Yip Streeet, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, HK.
 Telephone # : 2771 1147
     The top four players receive a total of HK$44,000 contributed by the HKBSCC and Universe Snooker Club, while the highest break winner receives a prize of HK$4,000 contributed by the Universe Snooker Club.
Tournament Schedule:


Tournament Director: Mr. Jerry Chan, Chief Referee: Mr. Kenn Wong

(Samuel Lai)


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