Chen SiMing is World Women 9-Ball Champion

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     The 2017 Women 9-Ball World Championships (WWC) was hosted at the County Gymnasium in ChengMai (HaiNan Province, China) from 08 to 11 November 2017.  Women from across the globe competed for the World Title and a total Prize Fund of US$175,000, the Champion receives US$43,000 of this!

     The final was a clash of the Chinese titans between multiple champions Chen SiMing and Pan XiaoTing.  Chen was trailing by 1-5 but managed to make a comeback putting herself on the hill before Pan snatched two back.  The final score was 9-7 in Chen's favour with which Chen successfully won the world title for the first time and completed the grand slam!!


     In 2009, Chen made her debut at the WWC that was first brought into China that year.  Chen was yet to be 16 in age.  For 9 consecutive years Chen had tried her very best for the title, and even though she went into the finals in 2011 and 2014, she was not able to claim the throne.

    During this period, Chen went on and won the World Chinese 8-Ball Championship, World Invitation, World Games, Asian Games, Asian Indoor Games, multiple titles at 9-Ball Open, as well as being the first Chinese player to become world #1 and being selected as WPA Player of the Year, etc.  The only piece missing is the WWC title.

    Pan, renowned as the "9-Ball Queen" in China, was the first Chinese player to win the WWC and holds a record of being ten times 9-ball world champion.

Rack 1 : Bad break by Chen, after exchaning a few safety shots, Pan jumped and potted the 5 then cleared. (0-1)
Rack 2 : Pan broke and ran. (0-2)
Rack 3 : Chen played safety after break, then cleared. (1-2)
Rack 4 : Pan broke, difficult table, but still ran. (1-3)
Rack 5 : Chen had a relatively easy table after her break but failed on 4, Pan played safety and earned ball-in-hand to clear the table.  Chen called time-out. (1-4)
Rack 6 : Pan pushed-out after break, Chen had her chance after a few exchange of shots but hooked herself on the last two balls.  Chen jumped and failed. (1-5)
Rack 7 : Again bad break by Chen, but she managed to find her chance in the end and cleared to win. (2-5)
Rack 8 : Pan broke but failed on the 3, Chen played patiently and won the rack. (3-5)
Rack 9 : First break and run for Chen. (4-5)
Rack 10 : Pan broke and tried a jump on the 1 but failed, Chen snatched the chance. (5-5)
Rack 11 : Chen broke and ran. (6-5)
Rack 12 : Chen played with safety after Pan's break and extended the lead. (7-5)
Rack 13 : Chen broke and ran for the third time and reached the hill. (8-5)
Rack 14 : Chen scratched on the 8, Pan saved one championship point. (8-6)
Rack 15 : Pan was hooked after Chen's attack failure, Pan's jump was successful and saved another championship point. (8-7)
Rack 16 : Pan scratched on her break, Chen made it till the end!! (9-7)

     In the playoffs, Han Yu of China beat Rita Chou of Chinese Taipei with a final score of 9-5.  The top 3 positions were all claimed by Chinese players.


Text : Samuel Lai
Photo : Wang Peng


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