Marco Fu Stays Easy at World Championship

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     World #11 Marco Fu, the Wonder Boy from Hong Kong, was off to London for the World Championship which starts on April 21.  Marco has been off the scene for three months now since his left-eye surgery, and has not been practicing and even watch a single game.  For London, he said that he will stay easy and enjoy the tour.

     About his return at the World Championship, Marco revealed that he only started practicing 20 days ago.  He still suffers a little from floaters but he does not want to miss the biggest event of the year.  With Marco's current ranking, he can enter into main stage directly.  Without much expecation about the results, Marco said that he will be relaxed during the tournament and enjoy the whole process.  The main tour will start on April 21 with his first opponent coming out from the qualifiers.

(Samuel Lai)



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