Jacky reaches top at Rocky Bar in Guanazhou

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     TOP147 GuangZhou — Jacky & DV met in the final of the Sino-Western Pool League on 26/4 evening at the Rocky Bar in GuangZhou.   This is the already second tournament this month at the Rocky Bar since the Ladies Ranking Tour earlier this month.

    Sponsored by www.TOP147.com, FURY Cues and Amber Glen 3 years Blended Scotch Whisky, the tour lasted for three days, with the last 16 coming out from a field of 48 to fight for the title and prizes on the last night.  Jacky stood tall from the rest after winning a thrilling decider in the final match against DV, in front of a massive and friendly audience as well as a flock of female fans & players.

    This, however, is only secondary to the original concept of the Sino-Western Pool League.  “The platform has been built for pool-lovers from different habitat, whether local or foreign, to share and exchange thoughts and information about their own culture.  Over 170 members had already joined us” said Donny, founder of the League.

    The crowd further celebrated and ended the lovely evening by playing men’s and mixed scotch doubles!!


SWPL Founder Donny presenting prizes to champion Jacky (right)

Representative of Rocky Bar presenting prizes to champion Jacky (right)

Jacky Wen (champion)

SWPL Founder Donny presenting prizes to 2nd place DV Li (right)

Female fans & players

3rd place - Michael

Quarter finalists

Last 16 players

TOP147   FURY Cues   Amber Glen Whisky


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