Supermom Fu is Champion in HongZe

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     17 Nov  — CBSA International 9-Ball Open Grand Final 2018 held her final round of matches in HongZe, JiangSu.  The final of the women's division started immediately after their male counterpart completed.  Both of the last two standing were ex-world champions from China - Fu XiaoFeng and Chen SiMing.  This means that China has already kept the trophy home.

     There were quite a few rounds of notable Chinese "civil wars" in the single elimination stage of the tournament: Sandy Liu ShaSha lost to Han Yu, then Han Yu met Fu XiaoFeng for a second time, as well as Viola Gao Meng, who had a fantastic perfomance throughout this tournament, up against the ex HongZe champion Xiao YuYing.

     In the semifinals, Fu and Chen earned their hot seats by taking down Gim Ga-Young (South Korea) and Viola Gao respectively.

Fu XiaoFeng, Chen SiMing

     In the rece to 11 final, Chen took an early lead (3-0) before Fu fought to close it down to a one rack margin.  The two went on to square the match at 4-4 and 5-5.

     Chen played a safety shot forcing Fu for an error.  With this ball in hand, Chen continued her winning streak and soon led the match with 9-5.

     Just when everyone expected to see the greatest player of 2017 kept working her way to the championship, Chen failed to get out of a hooked 1-ball, allowing her opponent to clear the table.  Fu extended her luck with a Golden-9 in the following rack.  Chen was forced to call for a time out.

     Fu was only a little short of making a second golden break after returning to the table.  After exchaning a few safety shots, Chen banked a wonderful 7-ball but unfortunately scratched at the same time.  Until then, the match was being squared again at 9 a piece.

     In the 19th rack, Fu made a perfect break and run to lead for a first time in this match.  Fu, on the hill, then went on for another break and run to win the championship!!  This win in HongZe makes it the thrid title this year for "Supermom" Fu.

     DreamPro player Viola had an excellent performance throughout the tournament.  In the double-elimination stage, Viola downed the Japan #1 Chihiro then the Korea #1 Kim Ga Young to go into the single elimination stage, then edged the ex-HongZe champion Xia YuYing for a place in the semifinals.  Even though she lost to the almighty Chen SiMeng earlier in the morning, Viola beat Kim for a second time in this tournament with a final score of 9-7 to settle for a third place.

Champion: Fu XiaoFeng   Runner-up: Chen SiMing   3rd place: Viola Gao   4th place: Kim Ga-Young
text : Samuel Lai
photo : Poolbond/UFeng

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