New King Born: Filler crowned at W9BC in Qatar

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     20 Dec Doha, Qatar — It’s judgement day for the World 9-Ball Championship 2018, more than 200 participants were down to only four.  Joshua Filler of Germany and the defending champion Carlo Biado paved their ways to the final at the Al Arabi Sports Complex to battle for the highest title in men’s 9-ball and the ultimate USD40,000 championship prize.

      In the semi-finals earlier, Filler came back to beat Kazakis in a thrilling decider, while Biado saw off SVB with a score of 11-5.
     The final could go either way as both players demonstrated great table skills.  However, out of everyone’s expectation, Biado made a fatal mistake at a very late stage of the match, scratching with ball in hand when he was trailing 10-11.  Filler went on to win the next two racks to become the new world champion in 2018!!


     The best-of-13 final started at 3:00pm with alternate breaks.  Filler kept is jacket on during the game, keeping himself warm enough to maintain his break in the first rack.  Biado failed to jump the 6-ball and forfeited another rack.  In the third rack, Filler was a little distracted by a sudden phone-ring coming from the audience, but it didn’t affect Filler to clear the table for the third point.  Biado scored his first point with a break and run, cheering up a crowd of Pilipino supporters.
     Filler’s illegal break in the fourth and Biado’s defensive shots made the match squared at 3-3.  Both players added one more on the score board before Filler’s dry break.  Biado took the ninth rack and Filler called for a timeout.
     Both players broke and ran after coming back from the recess, but Biado scratched allowing Filler to square the match at 7-a-piece.  Filler’s clearance put him back on the lead again.

     Filler fired his way to extend his lead with a bigger margin; it was then Biado’s turn to call for a time out at 7-11 down.  The short break helped Biado to clear his mind to win three consecutive racks and narrowed the deficit to one rack only.
Biado broke in the consecutive rack but failed to continue his run due to poor positioning.  He then made a fantastic safety and earned himself a ball-in-hand.  Just when everyone was expecting him to make a comeback, Biado scratched the cue-ball into the side pocket while playing with ball-in-hand.  It was an open table for Filler and he put himself on the hill with an easy run.

     Since then, everything turned against Biado.  Filler took the chance that his opponent had left him, sinking the remaining seven balls to become the the new world champion in 2018.
     Filler threw his cue and roared in joy with his “signature” scream, jumped onto the table to celebrate his first ever title in W9BC

Ms. Daphne Leong (left), Director of Wiraka Billiards

     Tables used at the W9BC 2018 were being sponsored by Wiraka Billiards, and stories were being covered by Wiraka Media Specialists at the Al Arabi Sports Complex in Doha, Qatar.

Tournament Info : http://www.esnooker.pl/turnieje/2018/w9bc/en/w9bc_2018.php
Live Score : http://esnooker.pl/turnieje/2018/w9bc/en/w9bc_2018.php
Live Streaming : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAYFkUAjCBNpdwnzrJhIhQA

    Samuel Lai (Wiraka Media Specialist)

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