“Killer” Filler wins the Dynamic Billard Leende Open 2019

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     Joshua Filler (GER) just won his first Euro-Tour tournament, the Dynamic Billard Leende Open 2019, with an impressive 9:7 final victory over Ruslan Chinakhov (RUS).

     The final match was determined by high class pool billiards by both players. The pressure and the heat was on for the athletes. They took racks in turn and kept the match open at 6:6 and 7:7. With Filler on the break shot, the World Champion kept his nerves together and got on the hill with 8:7. Then, Chinakhov broke and to his horror the cue ball scratched, giving Filler an open table with ball in hand. The layout was not easy, but Filler stayed as cold as ice and ran the rack, winning the match with 9:7 over Chinakhov who also performed extremely well during the Dynamic Billard Leende Open 2019.
     “I can’t even describe how happy I am”, stated Filler when asked after the awards ceremony. “It was a long day with some really tough matches form me and now I’m really tired but extremely satisfied”, Filler added. When asked, was his next goal is after winning his first World Champion title a few months ago and now winning his first Euro-Tour, Filler’s answer came without hesitation: “US Open Champion!!”

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